Oh boy, IDK what to do.

So a good friend has asked me to clean up a design ‘mess’ that his company is dealing with. I said sure and shot him some sketches of a quick solution. He got it approved and asked me to build it for them. I don’t have a woodshop here (my house). I could make what they want on my scant tool selection and a trip to harbor freight.
I’m really worried about not meeting the deadline, (Dec 10). And I my have to drive 3,000 miles (OH to CO and back) that weekend to drop off the items (they are big and heavy). I can decline but I could use the income from this.

First, spend some real money and get some real tools. Using tools from Harbor Freight will just add an additional 10% to your build time. You can also claim the tools as a write-off on your income tax.

As for the deadline, only you can answer that question.

The shipping though… you realize the going rate for travel is $0.58 per mile. The IRS will drop that down next quarter but for now you are looking at a $1,700 delivery bill, not even factoring your time (50 hours at your travel rate). There are many freight companies that can do it for substantially less. I think FedEx and UPS go up to 150 pounds.

Really, I did not know that fed ex went to 150 lbs… I also found out that home depot will cut sheets there, so that would eliminate cutting, in which case I have all the tools I need. I’d need to go to CO to install the flat panel TV’s and x-boxes into it. I think I’m going to just make up a set of technical drawings of what you need, and how to put it together.

Sounds like you’re building a display of some sort. The shipping weight can generally go up to 150 lbs., but be careful there are also packaging size restraints along with that 150lbs.

I guess it depends on what you’re charging, how many need to be made, etc., but you could find a custom fabrication shop, cabinet shop, etc that is local to your client and work with them to have it made and delivered. Again, this would depend on what kind of margin you’re looking to get out of the project. I don’t see why you couldn’t do this remotely, I see it done with fabricators in China all the time.

Yeah, so I am doing it remotely like Greenman said. The margin is slim and mostly in exchange for other things (nothing illegal). It also did not take very long at all so I’d say it went all right.

Good to hear, let us know how it goes. If you really come through for them, even with a small margin, there is the possibility of more work :slight_smile:.

if i was still in detroit i would have offered to help you out…

good luck with it… maybe you can find a shop and talk to the head guy and see if they can hook you up somehow…

not sure on the scope of the work…but dont use harbor frieght tools… ask around or rent some tools if you have to…


Ah Detroit, I miss it so.

I love Detroit, it just keeps you on your toes. Downtown is getting nice (comparatively to past Detroit). The dick blick moved across from the MCAD. I’m not there now either, my little brother is in school at Lawrence tech and my sister is in law school at Wayne state. But I love going there, and saying your from there gets you instant street cred with the right people.

true on the instant street credit thing… i just moved to jersey for some work for a bit and managed to get a few free dinners just because i mentioned i moved from detroit… you also get the special handshake with the pound…hahaha

hoping to return back to the D also… trying to do grad school at cranbrook so i can teach…

and i went to detroit mercy…6mile/livernois… 94-99… and the quincy house was always partying…hahah