Offsite Solidworks CAD collaboration with Client

Good Afternoon Folks…

I have been working with a client back and forth on a Solidworks CAD related scope of work. I have been providing split part surface/solid bodies to the engineers. Up until now, there have been 3 main split body files we’ve been working from (2 from the client engineers, and 1 of mine). We have now come to junction where we need to use 1 file to work from. In short here is my question:

How can we work within 1 main part file, where the 2 engineers can store and work of the file at their location on-site, and where I can also work in collaboration mode with them off-site?

Lastly, my solidworks tech support guys keep giving me question-dodging answers to avoid saying “I don’t know”

I will be much appreciative of any answer people have…

sounds like you need to make sure of some product data management (PDM) software to enable check in/out ability

Well, that’s what I initially thought. PDMworks Enterprise from Solidworks cost 50K and they said it can only handle 1 project. During my down time from posting the question I found a software that handles this for about 4k. Who would have thought it would be this simple:

Thanks for replying…

doesn’t the PDMworks which comes with SW support this already?

50k seems a bit over kill when all your doing is checking in and out files, and making sure only one person is working on it.

the software guys here all use CVS which is free but not as user friendly as the CAD PDM applications. And it’s mainly used in software development but we used to use it to manage our 2nd work

I use design data manager which is a 3rd party add on but its quite flexible and cheap and can do stuff over the web for remote working. Works with all the main CAD packages and can manage your 2D stuff as well.

Thanks for the lead. I’ll definitely look into this…

at deeplabs they use an online project management software product called basecamp. It lets the customer see progress and make decisions in the past took more than 48 hrs.

You can and customer and freelancers can post questions
track hours and customer cant see the hrs :wink:
large files like zips of cad data
manage quoting issues like prototypes and tooling

and the best part. Hold everyone accountable because everything is dated as to when they said what.