Offside IDSA conference events?

The question is:
Who knows what is going on around the IDSA conference? Any events worth going to even if we are not attending the conference itself?
Good parties?
I’m thinking of flying out there to meet interesting people, is anyone else doing the same?

The Nationals are playing the Cardinals on Friday night, should be a great game. All the IDSA-organized tours got cancelled I think due to lack of interest/proactivity. I hope Core77 throws parties every night with free Sapphire.

I heard there is a good party at a design/furniture studio on friday but other than that, I haven’t heard anything yet. Anything on for Thursday?

Thanks Slippyfish but I was thinking about either parties, studio visits… Something other than the game or is everyone doing that on Friday night?
Nobody else has any plans?
I haven’t bought my ticket yet…