Offline: An experiment

Hi guys,

i will go offline for one month, until October 3rd (a holiday here.)

This post is a reminder on that.

Lately my productivity in real life hasn’t been what I would expect from myself.
So I’ll cut down on watching and doing time…

John Lennon: “Cold Turkey”…

I’ll be back.


What holiday is October 3rd? Just curious, it’s my wedding anniversary.

bearbeiten: “Tag der deutschen Einheit”, geil

German Unity Day.

Viel Spaß mein Freund.

So how did it work out?

Welcome back to the augmented world! Maybe you could write a cor77 blog post about going offline :wink:

I would. If I really stayed true to my abstinence goal. But I didn’t.
I use the web for work. And I tried to constrain it to that, but I
can’t totally cut myself off the web for one month. That’s just not
possible. I might post more on that conflict some time later.

Thanks for recognising my return to the board.


This reminds me of the recent news of Harrisburg University Banning Social Networking for a Week-Long Experiment for their students. They wanted them to write a essay on the experience. Jimmy fallon said one of those essay titles would be “We All Have Smart Phones, Dumbass.”

I remember talking to a programmer friend about his workplace. They decided to improve productivity by blocking the internet. Within a week, everyone upgraded their cel phones and were still going to Facebook, etc, just as much, but using their phones.