officiel accessories s/s 2006

does anyone know when it’s coming out? i thought it was end of november but i still haven’t seen it around


You know what - neither have I ? I went into RD Franks last week and they said December. I sign up to their weekly mailout, but it hasn’t appeared on there yet. I need it! :imp:

yeah rd franks told me end of november and i still haven’t seen it in the shop…i really need it too…i feel stuck at the moment.

shoenista: go to the book shop “boarders” (i think it’s called) in oxford street right opposite where rd franks is…they’ve got it!

Yay! Thanks for the tip. Hopefully they’ll have one left by the time I get there…

I still haven’t seen it out yet either. Hope I didn’t miss it. :neutral_face:

It’s out now - I got an email from RD Franks saying it’s out…

We will all be fine :laughing: