office redesign

hola all.
our team has been given the opportunity to redesign our drab, cubical laden ID space with a more appropriate studio layout.
some of the changes will focus on the functional interaction of the team, while others will be more along the inspirational or aesthetic (think IDEO’s airplane wing). some of the systems we are looking at are from the usual culprits, Knoll, HM, Steelcase, but any other sources would be great.
i was hoping to get some inspiration from you all regarding past or current office environments that you love or things to avoid in from the one’s that you’ve hated.


we’re expanding our building and moving our DD to the new addition- IE: starting from scratch on the ‘ol design dept. man it’s shiite now so it’s one of the “can’t get worse” situations. our shop will probably fabricate so no knoll 4 us! layout is what i’m interested in. I’ve worked in open plan offices- works well for the workgroup thing but when you get a NOISY yapper sitting across from ya- it’s no good! we now have cubicle type 5’ high walls and it feels like a cow-pen, you get no colaboration, just the distraction from my NOISY yapper co-worker, god, turrets syndrome sucks! good luck on your redux!

i’m creating a space where i can put a full scale car model which will be made by cnc probably an exact duplicate on factory floor. i think any office should have something like that. even if there’re no cool models there you can just play indoor soccer, skate boards, or something else!

lol. i definately like that idea ufo.
we do have some space constraints, one of the reasons for the redesign was to get more bodies in the space (currently there is a ton of wasted space) and to create activity centers like meeting spaces, a library and/or a few layout tables.
we might be doing this as a combination of retail purchases and DIY so i think (hope) creativity will be the driver for the design.