office issue

This might be a bit off topic but it’s work related.
I’m in a transition from 1 department to another (marketing-product marketing). My issue is after sending several emails to my new boss, she has not replied me once.
what should I do? Should I be more active?
any opinions?

That would depend on what the emails are about. Also if she does not reply go see her in person. I think we tend to get way to caught up in having conversations via email, IM, and other electronic methods that we have forgotten how effective a 1 on 1 conversation can be.

Yeah, I’m totally that annoying guy who just drops in. I hate scheduling meetings. Unless you are really in the middle something. I’m impatient and if you are in the same building, I won’t send an email unless I’m in the middle of something.

She may have not gotten your emails. If you are nervous about talking to her, write down short and sweet (list format) what you need to say on a note-pad and bring it along to “take notes” glance at it if you get stuck. :sunglasses:

Bosses can easily get buried in emails, she might be 50+ behind. Go see her in person. She may not place priority on your email since you have the ability to see her in person where others that are emailing her can’t, so they get the response preference.

thanks for your tips!!! I know we’re in a transition but i just hate to feel excluded…

The face-to-face drop-in shows you aren’t afraid to take charge. She’ll appreciate your tenacity.

i really appreciate it sometimes when a manager DOESN’T reply to your emails straight away… sometimes its just a nice way of saying ‘chill out a little bit’ on that one. other times it puts the initiative back on you, ‘sort it out yourself’ kind of thing.

Just always so much easier to go see someone face to face rather than email back and forth for a week before anything gets done.

Depends on the urgency of the issue i think

Thank you all for replying and you’re right face-to-face is really important. Another thing just happened, like I said we’re in transition however; my future VP just got let go and my future manager has not yet come tell me and I only learned from someone else. What should I do? Face-to-face and ask what’s going on?

Don’t get wrapped up in office politics. Just do your job and you will be told eventually. They are probably waiting to tell the whole group.