office furniture

I’m looking to buy some desks and workstations for my office. Can anyone recommend some reasonably priced/well made and designed pieces that I can have shipped? I’ve looked at Ikea, but I’d like some descent file cabinets, strong storage cabinets etc… and I don’t want to pick it up or deal with out of stock items.



great design

pick two.

I went with the Turnstone line from Steelcase. Hit all 3.

it’s all relative.

Look into some Allsteel stuff. Very nice and priced along side Steelcase and Herman Miller.

I will be happy to manufacture office furniture if that sounds good please contact me. Check my web site to give you a better idea what I can assist you with.

When I started my business I bought some furniture from the AVA Furniture Group. My clients liked it so much that I decided to sell a few pieces on the side. Here is a link to a few of my favorite configurations. It very inexpensive and very durable.

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mayline, huh?

how’s that holding up?

The Mayline furniture holds up great… relative to most of the other casegood office furniture. Unless you want to pay the heavy price for a custom office I would stay with either the AVA Mira line for a traditional look or with the Mayline Napoli line for a European flair.