Office furniture designs

I did these a while ago in my spare time. I had forgotten about them and just came across them when I was tidying up the files on my laptop.

The cupboard and wall unit was designed for the first desk but I kept them in the renders for the others just to give it a bit of placement.

What do you guys think?

I think I did 1 or 2 others at the same time which I’ll post if i come across them.


Hmmm… rendering wise, it’s too dark. I think you can make them brighter in photoshop.

I was wondering why do you have so many dog-eye’s view? IMO it doesn’t help depict the design nor create an impression of your furniture.

Renderings are def. too dark, and I agree about the ‘dog’s eye views.’ Not very flattering to your design.

The actual design of the furniture looks good, though!

your designs are good , but have you though of the manufacturing aspect and transportation of the finished products.

i mean thought not though

Thanks for the comments.

I know the renders are too dark, I’d thought that when I uploaded them but as I say I found them on my laptop from a while ago and didn’t really fancy searching for the MAX files to redo them. As for the low views, again can remember what or if there was a reason for them, probabaly just a phase I was going through at the time.

As for manufacture - the 1st and last where inspired when I came across a flexable plywood material when I was on a placement in Turkey. I visited the manufacturing plant to see the process for the material but my Turkish isnt too hot so I didnt get a full insight, but it is basically bent round a mould and clamped for 48 hours using no water of steam. When the clamps come off. Hey presto it stays in shape ready for a vaneer.

This is a desk using the material. I think its a really interesting material with real design possibilties.

As for transportation - didnt even give it a flying thought.

Anyway I’d like to here you thoughts on the design, personally the first is my favorite. I’m by no stretch of the imagination a furniture designer, but I do have a interest in interiors and look forward to hearing anyones thoughts.


the last image is very good
i like this sytle
any the first image,
what on the wall is best desige

i an sorry …my english are very bad …


i loved ur work… design wise… they are very creative… but i don’t know about practicality though…
good luck

the last one is better
wish u will be great

an common design