offering myself up

for constructive criticism, that is.
thanks in advance!

You might consider posting several portfolios on core.
1 fashion
1 graphic
1 product design

Right now there is not enough work in product design or fashion to evaluate. You can post links to these other sites within each portfolio listing.

i know this is a matter of opinion, but it goes along with the previous comment. You have a page of “sketches” which are not only without the context of a design project but are abstract form studies. Is it wrong? No, it just made me uncomfortable… that could be a good thing.

Frankly speaking, I don’t find your marker sketches strong. Why? Cus it isn’t effective in showing the form.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you have to do high contrasting marker sketches, because I have seen very very effective marker sketches with very low values and contrast.

I also learnt that story telling in your portfolio layout is important. People are more interested in how you get there instead of the final product, means they want to know the precess. You’ve shown a lot of final results but almost nothing on where your inspiration was from or the evolution of your concepts.