Offered job should I take it?

I am Irish first. I was offered a job there last week for 28K€ WITHY HEALTHCARE AND PENSION AND SUBSIDESD CANTEEN,in cork. ireland. I had applied to this company for a position as an SMT technican. Last week they called back and want to offer me a job with the conditio0ns described earlier… the thing is I have moved over to UK and Have started looking here. Should I go or stay … I want to try and get a fresh start but … I dont know??
I have a degree in mechnanical engineering and Cert in Quality. The company is a contracting electronics company. I would be employed as a Process engineer for the lines . I was hoping to get into some automobile or aeronautical stuff in manufacture and design but… I dont want to scoff at it and find I have no options

It may just be my experience, but process engineers get little to no oppurtunity to take charge in product design. I guess it depends on the company though…

As for the salary, I have no idea what the cost of living is in Ireland or the going rates for engineers in Ireland but that converts to like 33.8K in the US - that is VERY low for an engineer here. If there is no moving allowance, it may be pretty expensive to relocate

I would probably hold out for a more design oreiented engineering positon, but that is just me. Good luck…


maybe have a word with rhl - they may be able to help get you a job.