OFFER JOB in return for INTERNSHIP ?

Offer job to big name firm to get in the door?

  • Give it up and hope for the best.
  • Go it alone.

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I have won a contract on a small design job and could use some help as it may quickly get over my head. At the same time, I am a student with a decent portfolio (how I got the job) and would love to get my foot in the door with some design firms in my area.

Question: Should I offer the job to one of these firms in return for letting me intern and work on the project?

It’s not much $ and basically amounts to paying them to let me work there.

Whatcha think?

So you intend to walk into a firm and offer them a job? Doesn’t make any sense. I bet their first reaction will be “Are you kidding me?”.

Anyways, keep the freelance job. You shouldn’t have a problem finding an internship with your portfolio(since you said it’s decent), and your freelance experience will add to it.

My guess is that it would backfire on you. Firms would be more impressed if you took the freelance job, got in over your head but carried it through.

Indeed, carry on good work and that is all. Getting into dodgy partnerships will not work well for long term.

I have a feeling that your overhead is nowhere near the design firms’ you would approach. So they’d probably not even want it unless you scored a job paying you in the neighborhood of $150-200/hr and up and with enough meat to make it worth the effort. And besides, it is a bad idea. It has the feel of trying to bribe your way into a job.

If this job is over your head you shouldn’t have applied for it in the first place.

If you know that you are going to get into trouble and be unable to deliver what is expected within the budget or time frame that you won the contract on, you should do the responsible thing and let the client know that now

Having a bad rep will destroy twice as many opportunities as you can gain from having a good rep.