This was a rejected proposal for a T-shirt design based on the theme of “imaginary exploded view”. T-Shirts are to be given away at some kind of event. The team said “go crazy with it”, and I did. Then they decided to go with exploded views of regular products.

How would you take this T-shirt graphic as an IDer?
Personally, I will find it amusing. Maybe that’s just me.

That’s the most interesting thing that I’ve seen on the internet in years. Maybe it is just because I watched on a show on Bjork, but I think it is amusing too.

Keep up the good work!

That should be on a T-shirt. Print’em up man… (I do think the line value contrast could be pushed a bit more though first, I’m thinking of how it will look with white ink printed on like a brown or olive colored tee) American apparel makes great blank tees.

Well, on a company stand point the team don’t want to risk offending anyone, which I thought was bullshit.

I was going to do a CAD jockey version as well.

BTW tomorrow is my last day of my internship. They will get a special good bye email…

Leaving Sunday morning… GTA style.

Yes it did!

Here’s the one that made it onto the Tees.

well… if they dont like it… send it to :slight_smile:

Great shirt.

I like both however as an ID’er I appreciate the humour in the first.

If that does go to please post so we can order.

That intuos 3 was pretty tempting…

It’s ok, I can start working on the CAD jockey version to piss some ME staffs off :laughing:

Ask them if you can have the design that they didn’t approve. If they really don’t like it, it’ll probably be okay. Then, take all the sketches, drawings, etc, so that they have no real record of it and go make your T-shirts. Sell them and make some money on stuff they thought was not okay to print.


It’s just a t-shirt for an event, namely the IDSA conference. So it’s non-profit from the start. I did leave the original sketch there, but I don’t think they will ever care.

So you guys really think it’s worth selling or are you guys just bored and had to type something?

Look, I’ve never been partial to T-shirt graphics to begin with so I’m never a good judge of things like this. But I do know that others have offered favourable words and you originally designed it to go on a T, so why not try to commercialize it.


I think it’s a great idea…nicely illustrated, and more importantly funny. I’d buy one, and I’m sure some designer mates would appreciate them as xmas gifts/bdays. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be just t-shirs - mugs, mouse mats, or even designer vinyl toys (that’d be cool)…lol

Genius. :sunglasses:

I don’t find it offensive at all…poking fun, yea.

I’m wearing the Super 77 one right now, it’s all right.

i just had to comment that as i am reading this post i happen to be wearing one of the exploded pencil sharpener shirts. my favoritye part is where it warns against sharpening cheese sticks… that was a close one

Haha, awesome. If you look at the lower rear corner of the main sharpener body, I tried to add “Made In Taiwan”(with pride) secretly but it didn’t turn out.

The T is green which wasn’t what I expected. So that was the only regret.

BTW tomorrow is my last day of my internship. They will get a special good bye email…

This is a very special good bye email…!


Sorry for the spam but I just want thank you all for the great experiences I have had here. It’s great to be working with the best and most talented people around and I admire your professionalism and passion for everything you do. Since the start of college, the speed of life seems to be in a constant fast forwarding mode for me. Each time I look back, I always find a new outlook towards school, career and life. It’s progressive and my experience in Continuum has helped me realize what is important to me and what I really want. Although I don’t yet know what I am going to do in the future, I am sure that the experience in Continuum has already made it better.

Thanks to you all again.

Best regards,
*= Molested-Cow

WOW, did you register, login, and post that email just to attempt to humiliate a college kid?

Classy. I like it. Classic Core77 style.