Off-shore prototyper for EchoDot /Google Home style laminated speaker cloth

Can anyone recommend an offshore prototype firm that has the capabilities to simulate/replicate stretched/bonded fabric over a rigid plastic sub-frame.
Not looking for DIY - would like a professional firm that we could have make 25-50 vacuum cast subframes with the “grill cloth” heat staked or glued on.

Looking to replicate the same features of Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home Mini etc…

I know might also be an option - however in this case the project is likely a bit small for them.

just saw this on my linkedin feed. Sign Up | LinkedIn
I have not used them though.

Others I have used that you may want to ask:

Thanks FH13
For some reason that Linkedin link doesn’t seem to be working. - Can you link again? Thanks.

Interesting that for a trend that has been so popular there don’t seem to be a lot of shops that readily offer the solution. I’ve been looking at some of the bigger prototype firms (Duch Group, Hemtom etc) as well as some of our traditional vendors. Looks like we may need to find an actual manufacturer and work direct with them.
Will post if I find anything…

For similar product I’ve used:
E Proto

They can add LEDs and things like that as well if you talk them through it.

The person posting it was Alice Peng

Thanks for the additional tips -
I’ve used AllJack before and was struggling to remember their name! (old samples and contact info are at the office and I’m at home)
Will post an update with any additional learnings.