OeTZI: Interesting stuff

Lots of talk about the bad sides of footwear, I came across these guys the other day and reminded me of the good sides of the biz. Sure this is a massive hybridization, and it is a little wacky, but I love the experimentation. It looks like they had fun. I’d like to see in person, it looks like the toe down of the last might be a little too wide and round. There is a lot going on, but I like how it almost looks like you can unfold the shoe. It is a little Viz Vim meets Creative Rec meets a Clarkes Dessert Boot and some late 70’s joggers… but so mixed up that I’m really digging it.

wow, i’m really digging these. Nice find Yo, I’ve never seen/heard of this brand before. You description nailed it. Also feeling a bit Bikenstocks/Earth shoes kinda vibe.

Anyone know more about the brand/designers other than what’s on the website?

Also trying to figure out the construction. Anyone have an idea? Looks like maybe the outsole is somehow diecut (although there is the lateral outrigger part, and can’t figure out what the midsole (colored part) is and how the upper stitching attaches it to the bottom unit… ???