OEM equals SCAM?

i actually came across the link to this site while at Amazon.com


is this for real? i find it hard to believe its legit…the lack of manuals and packaging can’t possibly make up for such a enormous difference in price…looks like just “legalized” warez!!!

Call the owner.

Yervand Stepanyan

There is no customer support from the manufacturer and no upgrades unless OEM has them in stock.

I bet this might also mean when you hit the help button you might not get the support.

Say you order with your credit card and you wait n wait for it to show up. Nothing comes so what you gonna do? That website is registered in Armenia. You gonna call customer service? Gonna file a complaint? With who? Meanwise the guy has your card #. Imagine how popular that might be. First he uses it for that software order. Then he uses it for other stuff. Then he sells the number to other people. You gonna email him at a freenet?

yup…Yerevan looks like such an interesting place…

yup…Yerevan looks like such an interesting place…