Oddball Mid-meeting Client Comments

Alright, so I just returned from a meeting with a client. As we’re discussing a few particulars about a new project, I pull out a notepad & pen to sketch out a few things I was talking about when she stops me with:

“Uhh…[scoff], I’ve never worked with a right handed designer before…”

I looked up thinking she’d have a smirk or smile on her face like she was kidding, BUT SHE WAS SERIOUS! I explained that yes, we right handed folk can be considered creative from time to time and continued on like nothing happened, but she was really turned off by it. How strange.

Anyone else have any weird mid-meeting comments like that you’d care to share?

That’s probably one of the weirdest things I have ever heard.

You should have come back with “That’s funny, I’ve never worked with a woman who is a bi-atch before”

j/k before all the feminists jump all over me (although, I’d enjoy that :wink: )

I had a client ask me if I could “change the angle of the car in Photoshop”

Me: “You mean like, the angles on the body or change the actual camera angle?”

Client: “The camera angle”

Me: “Uhhhh…No?”

I told him I could model the car in 3D or try a pretty gnarly attempt at Photoshopping it, but it would get expensive and the results would probably not be what he wanted. We explored other options and it worked out in the end.

But if any madman Photoshoppers want to throw up some modified car angle shots it would be impressive.

depending on how old this anecdote is, it’s funny becuase photoshop has a 3D layer feature where if you were using a 3D model, you could change the angle of the car in photoshop. Just saying…

but I know what you mean, I’ve had the same type of request. It’s important to try not to laugh.

Actually that is one of the Dumbest things I have ever heard!!! She must not have worked with many designers. I’m a righty.[/b][/i]

Not as wierd as Ms Leftist but sort of on the same lines, from a marketer " Wow you guys are so creative, yet you dont use Macs!"

Bite tongue…move on…

You’ve gotta read between the lines on this one. It’s simply too stupid. She’s telling you that she doesn’t like you in a passive agressive way. Did you slight her in any way or make her feel insignificant? Is it her choice to work with you or external designers in general?

I know it’d be a bad career move, but I’d probably just shift her way down on my priorities or tell her to take her business elsewhere :slight_smile:

but I agree with loafer.

I would have involuntarily thrown up on the table, right onto my right hand and the notepad.

No slight in the least. Everything was going well up to that point. It was her choice to work with our company, not me specifically so that may have had something to do with it. And if she didn’t like me or my style, I’m fine with that. It was just so strange.

Should have shown her what you do with your left hand.

Aren’t the lefty’s the math minded folk anyways? I always get confused but I’m pretty sure the engineers and math people of the world are usually lefty’s.


Not sure about that, I know some very creative left-handed folks, although according to the myth, success favors lefties. I read an article based on a scientific survey on left-handedness about a year ago that revealed many successful business and political leaders being left handed. The majority of US presidents in the 20th century have been left handed as well as Obama.

Maybe she was basing that comment on the myth or a superstition, who knows, regardless that comment is really out of left field.

No pun intended?

Maybe she was so enamored by your Magnum PI good looks she had to think of something somewhat negative to keep herself in check.

I’ve gotten a lot of weird remarks over the years and I have to agree with CG, most come from some underlying issue, probably not even related to you.

The Selleck 'stache does command a certain level of respect…

I believe it’s reversed, lefties are artistic and creative (right side of the brain dominance) and technical math types are right handed (left analytical brain dominance).

Well thats too bad cuz if you are a creative lefty then you have a better chance of smudging your sketch. God should reverse that.

Funniest comment… ever

Good job Greenman