Oddball Euro car stuff

A few photos I’ve finally gotten around to editing.

I love the windshield on the Citroen Picasso. It rises up almost above the passenger’s heads! I’m sure this would not be approved in the US, where 94% of a windshield must be covered by the wipers…FAIL

Americans may recognise the above car…but wait, is it? The Pug 309 is a Dodge Shadow body double. Strange.

Last is this odd-ball rear quarter window. It’s from a Seat Leon. The rear door handle hides up on the pilar, so the window glass is sculpted to allow a hand to reach in behind the pillar.

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That sculpted glass is friggin amazing!

It’s actually plastic, but pretty cool still. Did you notice the vertically parked wipers? Another cool detail on the Leon.
I was dead set on getting one when I was shopping for a new ride last year, but ended up with an older Audi A3 with less features but better quality.

I figured that the window must be lexan.

I didn’t notice the vertical park wiper. Maybe they are different in Spain than the rest of the continent?