odd connections / designers' histories

Just came across an odd connection in the world of design an was wondering if others have more examples of common designs by famous designers or other strange credits/personas with projects in the world of design that others may not be aware of…

to start (though more in GD)-

  1. Salvidor Dali designed the Chupa Chups (lollipop) logo

  2. Phil Hartman (of SNL fame, plus was also a voice on the original Jetsons), designed the Crosby Stills & Nash logo.

more product and ID examples would be great.


not really an odd connection but


50 quid for 40 licks <<
You can’t always get what you want
stoneageromeo writes:
"John Pasche, the creator and seller of the
Rolling Stones’ lips logo, is meant to have
only received GBP50 for his design. Not so.
That may have been the cash that exchanged
at the time but there was more: a promise that
if they were still going in ten years time and
using the logo, John could join the band.

“Ten years passed but instead of letting him
join (the man is SO quiet) they bought him a
rather grand house in Oxshott instead
where he still lives.”

…source: popbitch.com

That Chupa Chups logo so does not look like Dali.

Could you post a pic of the CSNY logo you are referring to. I don’t remember them having a specific logo.

this is supposed to be logo-


Phil Hartman also did an album cover for Poco that was simply beautiful