Octopus Boardbag for all you surfers & snowboarders!

Hello everyone, my name is Fredrik and Im an amateur designer.
I love to browse the forums and see all the great work you do here on Core77 :slight_smile:
My dream would be to work in the ID field but I cant afford more education
(have a businessdegree already) so I’ll probably have to keep dreaming.

Anyway here is a little concept I came up with for the Quiksilver Innovation contest.
Its a small accesories/gadget bag that you can attach to almost any flat smooth surface.

C&C is more than welcome :slight_smile:
Hope you like it!

To read more you can download a txt file here:

And now for the goodies:

more images:

one last image:

nice idea! well done.

can you explain more the reasoning behind the product?

why would someone want to have a bag stuck to their board?

what would they keep in the bag?

how does your product perform better/differently than other solutions (knapsacks, pockets, gym lockers, etc.)?

how would the product work in different environments (snow, cold, water, etc.)?

what was the competition brief?


thx :slight_smile:

Most of your questions are pretty well explained in the textfile but I’ll try
to give some more answers right away :slight_smile:

can you explain more the reasoning behind the product?

The concept is originally based on two general problems: carrying things with
you and being able to hang ar attach your bag to as many places as possible.
Ive always been fascinated with the thought of an all purpose solution to stick
things onto any surface without leaving marks and without the need for special
connectors. Like for example hanging paintings onto walls without drilling a hole.
I like magnets and the versatility they provide however there are not so many
sport accessories produced to be magnetic. So the only otpion I could find was
to use strong suction cups. I also wanted to stay true to the quiksilver board
heritage so I put 2 and 2 together and this concept came to mind.
Lots of other sports have bags tailored to suit their needs but when it comes
to boardsports the market isnt exactly flooded. The ones that is usually called
boardbag is more for protecting the board when travelling and usually you
use regular backpacks for carrying your belongings.

why would someone want to have a bag stuck to their board?

For starters freedom or movement and if you are a snowboarder you know
its not very nice to fall on something that you have in your pockets even
smaller objects can hurt pretty bad if you land on them and you dont always
want a bigger backpack with you. For surfers its more an option to bring
something with you if you wanna stay in water for a while. And also it
provides extra grip for a lot of different types of activities. Its also small
sized and lightweighted to not interfer with your sporting activities.

what would they keep in the bag?

Smaller objects that you dont wanna leave on the beach or in the car maybe
a snack if you get hungry, your mobile phone or money etc
In short its an accessory bag and its really up to the user to decide what
he/she want to bring with them. Ask any girl what they have in their
purse/handbag and you will get a thousand answers :wink:
So its not intended to replace bigger backpacks.

how does your product perform better/differently than other solutions (knapsacks, pockets, gym lockers, etc.)?

My initial goal was not to compete with other types of bags but rather to
bring an alternative solution. It may not appeal to everyone but Im sure a
lot of people would find it useful.
In some cases this bag is a more natural way to reach your belongings
without to much effort like having to bend around your back and unhook a
backpack, look at snowboarders for example they often sit on their buttocks
with their hand hanging on the knees, from that position its very close to
just reach down to the boardbag.
There are so many types of different bags these days that doesnt serve a
specific purpose but people buy them cause theyre a cool and different
approach to a common problem (carrying things).

how would the product work in different environments (snow, cold, water, etc.)?

Ive checked with some companies that produces suction cups and there is
silicon based materials that works well in tough conditions like cold or wet
weather. And the bag is water sealed (like these waterproof mobile pockets
you may have seen around) so it protects your belongings and at the same
time make the bag float if dropped in water.

what was the competition brief?

Quiksilver Rossignol Group designs, produces & distributes clothing,
accessories & related product for progressive, active people; developing
brands that represent a casual lifestyle, driven from a boardriding heritage.
Quiksilver’s authenticity is evident in its product design, events & retail
environments, across the globe.
Through the contest, the Quiksilver Rossignol Group invites you to express
your own vision of its brands, and also imagine their future by proposing
concepts of innovative, revolutionary products.
Participants to the QUIKSILVER INNOVATION CONTEST are free to choose
any subject for their idea. However, please remember that Quiksilver
Rossignol brands live in the world of surf, snow, skate, outdoor & street
fashion; all aspects have a special lifestyle essence.
The product concepts submitted, should represent real innovations in design
& technology; developed with users needs in mind. The lifestyle pursuits of
our customers, in their sports & leisure activities, should be considered.

If you got more questions please shoot :wink:

The idea is not bad though,maybe for snowboarding better than surfing.
As a surfer that I am,I would say that there’s just one thing that you’d like to keep with you in the water,car’s key or home’s key,and you’ve got better ways to keep your stuff with you,for example pockets in the wetsuit or key holders in your leash.

thanks for the replies to the questions. seems pretty well thought out.

a few thoughts-

  1. the placement you have of it on the snowboard wouldnt work. between the bindings is where you put you foot when you have only one foot locked in (such as when you go up a chair lift). there is usually some sort of stomp pad there that people use to clean off their boots before putting them back in the bindings.

  2. the placement on the board is also less than ideal for keeping stuff, and your board gets very shook up from riding (bad for cell phones, etc.), and also very wet depending on the snow conditions. given the loads of pockets for small stuff already in your jackets, pants, etc. i cant see much of an “alternative” need/use in snowboarding. for bigger stuff, backpacks are good because they stay kinda dry, and also dont affect the feel of the board.

  3. i dont know anything about surfing, but i would think the bag might get in the way of using the board. ive seen some surfers do their thing, and it looks like they often lie down on the board to get started or paddle in/out, and then adjust their footing on the board depending on what you are doing. might be an issue.

  4. keeping the bag waterproof is going to be a huge challenge i think in watersports. therefore you would be pretty limited to what you keep in it. i would think most people would only want the bare essentials on them, and keep the rest in their car/locker, on the beach, etc.

  5. the idea is interesting, but maybe too much of a solution looking for a problem, esp. from your description of how you came to it.

that being said, perhaps there are other uses for the bag, as i do think a good suction cup bag has its applications. maybe things like small sail boats, where things slide around and you dont want to lose stuff if you tip over. maybe canoe/kyaking?

congrats for taking the initiative and 1. entering the contest, and 2. posting your work here for feedback. i hope you take my comments as they were intended, not as criticism per se, but points to consider to make your concept even stronger.



PS. nice renders and presentation. i almost forgot to mention it, which is a good thing. the presentation did its job of communicating the design, and is very clear and didnt at all get in the way of understanding the concept. nice!

Thx! I guess your right but haven’t you ever heard of nude surfing :wink:

Thx again for your answer! :slight_smile:

You got some good points there and of course Im fully aware that the bag
is not an ultimate solution, after all it was a 2-3week contest project.
Thats also why I tried to show alternate usage areas like boatriding,
motorcycle, kayaking and more… and I think I mentioned in the txt file
that the inner compartment will consist of quite thick padding to absorb
the shock of impact but I dont know how good it will work IRL :slight_smile:

and no worries Im actually honoured that experienced guys like yourself
take the time to check out my design.
Im happy for every comment or critique I get, positive or negative doesnt
matter it shows that someone has found interest in your concept,
thought about how it could be used and actually cared enough to share
their thoughts, that in itself is rewarding enough for me.

For the snowboard you normally put your back foot where your bag is when you get off the lift. Isnt it also going to get soaking wet down there. Why would I want to cover my nice graphics on my board with your obtrusive bag? Its a null product.

I longboard and walk all over the board so this might be a hinderance.

Also, I have a ton of wax on the top of my board. I just can’t see myself scraping and cleaning it off to put the bag on.

Good Luck with this though!


Ok, so am I right in thinking this bag is for things you don’t want to keep on the beach / slopes while surfing/boarding? Like Keys, Mobile phone, wallet?

yeah I think so. Most snowboards get left outside the bars/cafe which would also mean you would have to empty the thing or remove it.

I can understand the need for it for surfers. Everyone knows the feeling of whether to leave things on the beach when in the water. I just think the context of the product needs refining judging by everyones opinions. The observation and realisation of a problem is good, but the design result isn’t refined enough.

I disagree. I think the refining is fine, maybe TOO refined(?), its the specific recommended applications used to define the bag’s use that everyone here is disagreeing with.

Where this fails is not in the design, but when aquastealth ascribes its purpose to surfing just to make the connection between Quicksilver and the design. If your purpose is specifically just for surfing, then make it so.

For example, someone used to make a traction pad with a velcro pocket in it to keep keys and accessories in… I’m not sure how well a removable one would work, but the tail would be a much better place to put any storage especially if your are on a longer plank-er I mean-board

But otherwise a bag such as this could be very useful in other applications. I could totally see it being used for Kayaking, Kite surfing or as a tank mounted bag on a motorcycle. Quicksilver is a lifestyle brand, not specifically a surf brand anymore and in that sense the design fits.

I like the idea. Think of the under-seat bag on a bicycle. People put everything you can imagine in those things, including cell phones that get shaken up. A lot of them are removable very quickly with a cleat that mounts to the seat permanently and the bag snaps on and off when you go into a store. I’d say you could still use it on a snowboard if you placed it on the left or right side of your back foot, which ever would be out of the way of the center. It may throw a balance thing in there since you’d have one side heavier than the other, but what you’d be carrying wouldn’t be that heavy. Its not like you’d have a flask in there because you want that as close as possible to your hands :slight_smile:

The idea may not be quite perfect, but its a niche product. It won’t sell like crazy but someone will buy it I’m sure.

If this completely ridiculous/unnecessary product can make it to market, your product will.


Yeah, good points, but obviously everyone (with experience of surfing/boarding) is stating the context would be in the way and so on. I agree that the product is refined, and as you said, almost TOO refined. I think I used ‘refined’ badly actually, I don’t think the design was evaluated at an early enough stage but the design development started.

Completely agree with Quiksilver as a lifestyle brand, and in a way I think if the ‘Quiksilver’ part was out of the brief this design might be better, it is a completely forced relationship between product and brand and the product (due to context) suffers because of this.

I think there’s something here. As someone who has walked OR’s and ASR- god I’ve seen SOOOOOO much worse.

GREAT job with your ideation- man you put some work in. I agree with some of the others, that your idea is well presented- and I get what “it” is.

It looks like your ideation follows a nice path from your inspiration, which is good because sometimes I see work on here where it looks like the opposite- or if the inspiration is even present at all.

About the product:
I have to agree with several other comments, that functionally- it’s a stretch if not just hokey. But that said, there’s something very interesting about it.

Having grown up at the beach and now live in the mountains, there is something here. I’m not sure this is right solution for the these markets- but it is an interesting idea. I could almost make the need for it, but then think of better (already existing) ideas that fulfill the need. Core riders will trash it, but their little sisters would LOVE it! Under $20 a pop, and you might be able to pay off your new school loans!

Moving forward:
I REALLY like the idea of that attaching to the mirror, there might be something there. This product wouldn’t sell without attaching it to a style/ persona/ lifestyle, and I am not curious about who would want this/ find it fun- so kudos on putting a person behind it. I can’t imagine anyone actually attaching it to their board, but I can see birthday gifts being given more inside.

Great work man :slight_smile: I love it

good work. i wouldn’t take it snowboarding, but i could use it for a hundred other things.

the fact that it’s made to get wet got me thinkin. i workout and i shower at the gym, i could see myself stocking this bag with my soaps, shampoo etc, walking into the shower sticking the bag to the wall and having a portable shelf.

i like how you presented the item as being multi functional and extremely versatile.