October 1HDC Topics?

Let’s keep the momentum going, who has any suggestions for next month’s 1HDC?

The even newer Cintiq?
Industrial Conveyors…
Hamster Powered Equipment?

Decisions, decisions. I vote forklifts!

Here’s my list…

  • computer mouse
  • gas pump / electric vehicle plug
  • life preserver
  • fire alarm
  • fire hydrant
  • wallet
  • backpack
  • rugged camera
  • astronaut suit/or stuff
  • helmets (construction, sports, etc.)
  • stroller / baby seat
  • seat (car, plane, fighter jet, etc.)
  • lawn mower or other landscaping equipment
  • bicycle pump
  • portable gaming system
  • pencil sharpener
  • lighter

(I hope these haven’t already been done a thousand times here so I apologize)