Oct sales dropped (is anybody surprised?)

Well I guess there will be some really nice incentive packages during the holiday season on any 08’s that are still sitting around.

totally expected. car sales have been steadily declining all year and it’s doubtful that this will soon change. I never thought it had much to do with gas prices, though – just an indicator of economic lethargy in general. Although certainly I would link poor sales of gas guzzlers to oil prices.

Not just here:

I think it’s funny in a pathetic ironic way. We ended up building a global economy on debt, but we never thought all the bills could come due at one time. I think the government should just print more money and devalue the dollar, everyone could pay their mortgages off when salaries quadruple due to inflation.

No way, if they print more money we will be really SOL (so they will more then likely print more money :frowning: ). The best way to fix this debacle is to restructure the whole mess, but that probably will not happen.

They’ve printed a shit ton of money in the last couple months, and it has had the odd effect of making the dollar more valuable.

Maybe everybody else’s has just devalued that much, and now we just do not notice. (that is a bit of a joke).

At least maybe we stop being bombarded but that stupid ‘Zero’ ad.

you know the one “Saved by zee-ro… SAVED BY ZEE-ro!”