Ocean rendering

Hi all!
I just started on my new job as a ship designer (we’re talking big boats here) and I am wondering how to make nice ocean renderings in ImageStudio? I’m pretty new at this software. Is the ocean a separate shader with a “wave texture” or how do you do it? I want to create both glassy and broken sea.

If ImageStudio not is the software most suitable, which one is the better?
Help please!

In Maya they have a bump map specifically for water. I’ve seen some posts around the net too. You will find that many aspects of rendering from Maya and Studio Tools to be applicable in Image Studio, so look around for all three.

The other option, which maybe simpler is to just photoshop the boat onto a high res picture of the ocean, which probably isn’t too difficult to find.

Another thing that will help make your rendering more realistic is to use the HDR image facility in ImageStudio.

Either make or try and find an HDRI image of an ocean scene. I would probably put the sea in as a post render in Photoshop. But using an HDR image to control the environment lighting will help your final composition.

One tip to help orientate your view if you do it this way is to load the ocean/sea image that you will use as the final compostition into IS and use it as the floor or background to setup the angle that you will render. Even if you switch the floor/background off and use a different environment for your render you will probably get a better final composition.

Maya is 100% the way to go. They have a specific ocean generation feature which certainly won’t be the easiest to use, but it’s very capable once you’ve learned to use it.

If you just want to hack it then either composite it after the fact, or take a picture of the ocean and apply it as a texture to your ground plane in image studio. It won’t look great but it’ll probably do the job depending on what your realism requirements are.

Most all rendering software uses the same premise for developing these kinds of surface treatments.

If want to be slick about it, I would figure out how to create a grayscale texture map that would end up being your displacement map for your “water” surface. In this displacement map, you could “design” the wake as well. If you do it correctly, you would then have a quick environment you could scale and tweak for whatever boat you need to render.

Whether its in IS, Maya, 3D studio, whatever, think about what results you want to achieve first and apply the right tool.

I think …Image studio is same as that of Alias studio without modeliing features.

In that case,
Add one horizontal surface
Assign new shader> Bump - Map> Surface - Water
Modify Transparency colour
Explore different possibilities given in Water map
Go for Raytracing…

sorry for the o.t. aside.

imagestudio is a new interface on top of maya. same folder structure (unless that changed recently), same mental ray renderer, etc. maya source code is completely separate from aliasstudio, other than the data translators such as iges and step.

Imagestudio does not have any of the dynamics features (which is where the Ocean feature is located in Maya) and does not have the same flexibility that the hypershade offers in Maya.

I’m sure you could get “good” results in Image Studio but if you want that last 10% that gets a rendering from “good” to “wow” you’d need Maya.

Thank you all for good ideas!