OCAD instructors

Hi, I’m going into ID (first year 3D design) at OCAD this September (2008), and just finished registering for courses.

I was wondering if anyone here had some advice/opinions about any of the instructors there. I’ve looked ratemyprofessor.com, and myocad.ca but they were missing a lot of instructors. Here’s who I have this year:

Vessna Perunovich
Vassil Popvassilev
Lewis Nicholson
Alexander Manu
Howard Gerry
Glenn MacArthur
Marco Jacob
Harry Mahler

I was especially interested in Marco Jacob because I wasn’t able to find ANY information on him. Maybe he’s a fairly new instructor?

Also, aside from these instructors, did anyone have any outstanding instructors they’d like to recommend? Thanks!

anyone? :frowning:

I had Mahler, Manu and Gerry while I was at OCAD. I won’t go into too much detail (seriously, I could go on for pages), every instructor has his/her pluses and minuses, but basically any one of those three are decent. Not familiar with any of the rest…


thanks, I have gerry and manu. :slight_smile: I’m excited for this semester!!