OCAD: How difficult to get into

My son is considering enroling at the Ontario College of Art and Design next . His goal is to get a fine arts degree and then eventually to apply to teachers college (in the hopes of one day teaching art to high school students). As a parent i’m wondering the following;

  1. How difficult is it to get into OCAD: his high school marks are average (70’s) and his artistic ability is perhaps slightly above average (i.e. he’s not the best artist in his school or even in his class).

I think he believes OCAD is an easy school and an easy course load. From my reading it seems to be quite a demanding cirriculum, especially for someone with average talent.

Any insights would be appreciated

i got in easily last year. maybe bacause i could be their first international student? i just gave my portfolio, etc. I had high GPA in my Chinese high school and high TOEFL score. I got in Carleton’s industrial design programe, too. But i fianally chose an American university…

This makes me laugh!
Do you know how many immigrants lives in Ontario alone?
my brother applied too, he got in and he is not even that great!
To the Parent:
Really, it is not hard to get in as long as he is prepared. ( portfolio…etc.)
If your son wants to become high school teacher, it’s probably good to look into some art-educational program too.

i said so because it didn’t mention international students at all on its website when i applied. :sunglasses: i really don’t know much about Canada.