Obsolete equipment needs refreshing

I was just commenting in another thread that I was thinking of getting a new machine for work. I do a lot of hand drawing in pencil on paper, then inking with micron pens, scanning to photoshop to color & shade.
Amazingly enough, I’m still using Photoshop 5. The newer versions have some features that really interfere with my technique and slow me down (I hate the pulldown menus!).
I am extremely skilled at hand-drawing and at rendering in Photoshop. I also really like the idea of drawing directly on the screen. It would be the best of both worlds for me.
I’m familiar with the Cintiq and some of the newer tablet PCs on the market but have never used one. I have a Wacom tablet but it cripples me with the hand-eye discoordination. Anybody out there have good things to say about any of these? I’m torn. My desktop is SEVEN years old and it works, but its starting to make me look like a luddite at the office.