OBJET 24, 30 or the Dimension Elite??

To the 3D printer users out there!

I have a budget for a 3D printer of ideally below 25K (£) and have been looking at the OBJET 24 and30 and the Dimension Elite. For a larger budget I have also looked at the OBJET EDEN 250 and the 3D systems projet.

We have had a 3D systems V-Flash for about a year and it takes up too much of my time as it constantly has issues. The quality and accuracy is not great either. Therefore this time I am trying to get as much feedback as possible from users of the machines mentioned above.

Our parts are mainly for fit and aesthetics so from that point of view I am leaning more toward the OBJET as the Dimension Elite may be ABS, so better material properties, but the finish is very rough as it uses FDM. My concern is that I have heard that the OBJET also breaks down quite often, has teething problems and that the ‘durus’ PP like material eats through the printer nozzle/heads which are very ££ and not covered by warranty. So then I’m not sure whether it would be better to compromise on the finish and get the Dimension Elite as that has had fairly good reliability reviews.

If anyone has any feedback from user experience it would be much appreciated!

We use a Dimension and an Objet Eden 500v. The dimension is hardly used now, because of the finish. The Objet is an expensive machine to run, each cartridge is about $600, the maintenance package is expensive but worth every penny.

We have had the Objet for 2 years now and it has been serviced often, we are also in the Beta program, and get a break on some prices by trying out new materials and updates for Objet. The service is fantastic though and materials usually arrive the next day.

It is true that the Objet Helios material will ruin the print heads, but we clean the machine immediately after the parts finish.

Our machine is utilized daily and some jobs take 48 hours on high quality, but it saves us $$$ not having to make prototype tools. We also have found that we can make the prototype tools on the Objet with the new higher heat materials.

A rather spiritless review, but hope it helps.

Hi mate,

I use a dimension SST, the model below the elite. If you are strictly after the best finish with minimal fuss, then I would go with the Objet and get it on a maintenance plan. Try to gauge the competency and availability of the service guys that the reseller provides. My printer went down and it took nearly 2 months to get it up and running again. From my experience, I expect 3d printers to require continual repairs / service and factor it into the purchase. I use my Dimension printer to make sand-cast patterns which require smoother walls than what the machine produces. To save myself hrs of sanding, I have built a “vapour-smoothing” chamber which chemically smooths the parts in the same way as the stratasys ready-part system. This gets me 90% of the way there and a quick hit with wet and dry is all thats needed. Good luck!