Object(.obj) file coversion to Iges

I am trying to source a program that can convert Alias surface data in a .obj format into an Iges format without having to turn the clean surfaces into polygons.

I know of polytrans and nugraf but thought there maybe be another utopian program out there.

Any thoughts?

Rhino can import .OBJ files and export IGES.

last i checked, .obj was triangle (aka polygon) format.

read then kick me in the head for nitpicking, but i think ykh knows i’m not aiming a knife in his direction.

a polygon format doesn’t mean only triangles, per se. polygons can have more than three sides, even digital ones. whether the obj spec or obj interpreters in various apps support polys of more or less than three sides is another question entirely.

and now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

good point. people get confused and i assumed most here understood. a triangle is one type of polygon.

however the .obj format does support curves and surfaces. just never seen the data that way. apparently that capability isnt widely used. wanting to investigate this more. might be useful to me.

OSY, do you have a sample file? simple primitive in .obj surface from your app? would like to test.