Oakley x Chilean Miners

Thought this was brilliant:

if you dont want to read the article… basically oakley donated some premium sunglasses to the relief effort to give the to the miners as the emerged from the shaft to protect them from coming out of months of darkness. the only let down was that i read in a related article that a Chilean journalist contacted oakley to do this and it wasn’t oakleys “idea”, but still great, they say the exposure the brand recieved was worth about $41 million.

Then i read that steve jobs donated ipods… ugh, how typical of them, “congratulations on being alive, since you are alive heres a crappy ipod” :confused: . Versus the oakley message… “we will protect you”.

I heard about this too. Some thoughts-

  1. Oakley glasses (those and most oakleys in general) look stupid. Just imagine how much cooler the guys would look wearing Ray bans or even something totally new/different. Could be a great opportunity to start a trend.

  2. Not sure what the details were but the iPod thing also struck me as odd and not really relevant. Now if jobs could have given iPhones to them and somehow got them to face time with family (sure there was no cell signal 600m down, but jobs can figure it out) THAT would have been marketing gold!


“in general”, i agree with your statement, but in this case the particular glasses were chosen because of their full coverage of the eyes and not letting light in, which is why they are often used by ski-ers and watersports, etc. (Which is also why if you are just joe blow walking down the street in them you look strange! ) Making it that much more genuine and relevant to me… doing it to start a trend would just be that much more apple like in my opinion.

Im almost ashamed of saying it, but i have something similar laying in my desk drawer. Mine are M-frames, which i used when I sailed dinghies. Extremely good coverage against both light and waterspray, plus that they never fell off even when I was hurled in to the ocean. (Would be nice to see oakley go somewhere new though. Some evolution of their Giger-aesthetics)

The Ipod thing makes no sense to me though, but to be fair, I didn’t even know about it until you posted it. I bet they are overwhelmed with free stuff at the moment.
I was about to write something about Apple and the rescue pod, but ill restrain myself.

I can only imagine begin 600 feet underground and trying to set up your iTunes account. :laughing:

“Please accept these terms of service”

I thought this was a great picture.