Oakley Internships?

I have looked all over for any signs if Oakley offers internships but have come up empty… I have sent 4 emails asking if they do and have yet to get a response, does anyone know if they even offer an internship?


Jim Kershaw

oakley was recently purchased.

i live less than 5 miles from their hq. if you need some cost-of-living reality, let me know.

who purchased oakley?

Luxottica, makes Ray-ban, bought Oakley last June(?) i think.

If you could send me some living quotes for out there so I can get an Idea… Im originally from East LA so I know what thats like around there… should I look through another source (ray Ban) for internships then rather than at Oakley to possibly see what they have to offer?

ok, you would probably need a room to rent, i don’t think there would be many short-term low rent apartments in the immediate area. foothills ranch area is pretty pricey. if you can commute from a relative in ELA, you would probably be ok, though it’s a long commute. craig’s list OC would be a pretty good bet to find a room.

i know luxotica is posting bad loses. i don’t know how they restructured oakley, if at all.

last time i visited the HQ (2.5 yrs ago) they said they dont do internships because do everything in house ( sunglasses wise) and they are very secretive … not sure how secretive now since they got bought out…i NEVER thought that would happen. they always were arrogant and thought they were better than all companies…oh well!


thanks for all the info guys