Oakley Bike concept

hey just trying to refine this concept a bit. The O looks clunky not too sure how to really pair it down.
Any feed back or crit would be great thanks!

The bar that connects the rear wheel to the pedals and the rest of the frame might work well as an elongated O. The fork might also be able to be sculpted to look like an O from the front. Also, those bike seats with cut-outs that are designed to protect your fertility sort of look like the Oakley O as well. Are you thinking of making this frame out of aluminum or carbon fiber?

thanks for the input. It’s just a form giving execise for school, so no prodcution. I would assume carbon fiber would be the way to go for thoose organic curves though. just working on a new concept right now… a litttle tighter in the form…should be able to post it soon.

You could do the entire top tube as an “O”…


That would be pretty sweet if the top tube was like an exturded “0” capped at the front and back with reflectors.

I think I would look into ways to make it more funtional, like if you turned its orientation in the position you have it now by 45 degrees, it could be structural.

If it stays decorative, I would make it much smaller so it doesn’t overtake the design and look toy-like.

okay conecept sketch 2 is in the works… see it at the bottom of the page herre http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=2435 still needs alot of TLC.Thank too everyone for the advice. Its been very helpful


this type of “S” or “Z” frame has been done so many times now its almost cliche. i would try to use the oakly O more effectively in your design. the color you chose looks really sweet. sketch out a wider variety of configurations and dont get stuck on one idea or concept this early in the game.

As a class exercise, cool looking bike - kinda looks familiar though:


I like the location of the Oakley “O” - very clear branding!

Good luck,

good advice, its just paper afterall.

heh… yeah I agree its the best advice their is. This is probably my hmm… 40th concept /variation on what an oakley bike could look like.

kinda looks familiar though

It certainly does. I’m sure as 3fold mentioned this is not a new frame design, their has been countless beam bikes (T-shaped), Z bikes, S frames, and Why?-Frames (Y-frames) but my spin on the idea, even if it’s a bit tired.
-Okay final rendering, far from Scott Robertson, but it will have to do for tonight… well maybe ill print and hand draw in some lines if my printer decides to co-operate…

FINISHED !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Final render can be seen here …sorry i dont know how to link to just the image. :cry: http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=2435&st=0&gopid=16684&
their was alot of things I would have liked to improve on but I ran out of time.

i actually designed the first Y bike with rear suspention when i was 12…wonder if i still have the sketch?!

Judging by this dudes previos posts he’s a tool with a chip. This is a student project, lighten up…the dude is just trying to get better!

I’d ditch the effort to try and bring the logo into the form in such a forced way. Would Nike make a bike as a giant swoosh? Hell no.

Instead, leverage the Oakley “form language” colors, finishes etc.
I think you could bring the stylized “o” into the bike, but it has to “follow function.” Perhaps the handlebars? Crank?

I’d forget the literal translation. It may be something as simple as “o” molded into the frame next to the label. How that could be done might be something of a design feat, don’t think I’ve ever seen any form of comolded graphics or other processes on the tubes, only the standard paintjob logo. Or on the handlebar connector collar, something that’s subtle but you notice when you get up close. Or their concentric “o” look, those lines typically says thin-middle + fat taper near the ends, use that language for the frame. Doesn’t have to scream oakley from a distance, just subtle oakley design clues from a distance that people may not readily recognize, then when paired with the up close inspection, it all makes sense. Good luck.

I freakin’ love the Puma bike:

What if you took the “o” and actually formed it into the frame body itself? Let me explain, since the Oakley o has such a slant, the “o” could actually form the top tube, down tube and seat tube and leave a negative “o” space in the center. The whole front triangle basically becomes and “o” and then you take full advantage of the negative space. Heck, most of a bike is negative space anyway. Just a thought.

Good luck…

The problem with the Puma Bike is its a total take off of the Slingshot bike that was designed in the 1980’s. Check it out…


I wonder if Puma licensed the design or just stole it. Either way its kind of sad that the original designer of the bike is probably not making much money either way. So it goes in the wonderful world of invention…

People who buy bicycles prefer something that is both strong and light weight. That frame looks like its too flexible to make an efficient machine. Sorry I just cant believe that could be a successful product. Try designing a stem that looks like the O, that might look good with a more conventional frame.

I don’t want to sound like a pervert, but the positioning and angle of the O makes it look like the bike has a big one.

I like that everyone is really giving constructive feedback…The first question I have is

1.Is this just a branding exercise? If so be sure to sketch in the traditional Oakley colors…Matte Black and Chrome.

  1. Why is it part of the the frame?

3.Oakley has been on a “multi usage” design kick lately i.e. Thump Sunglasses. May be useful to visit the sit and capture the essence of the company. Branding embodies a companies core values may be helpful to find out what they are…Also look up pictures of there corporate office. It is CRAZY! It would make HR Gieger proud…

Take care…