NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Hello all
I’m at a career crossroads right now, having recently moved to the US, and deciding whether to continue to pursue my career in finance or pursue the dream I’ve always had of becoming an designer.
I know there are great schools in New York where I am, Pratt, New School, but am just looking for some advice as to whether it is worth going down the degree route (assuming I get accepted).
I am 31 so feel it might be too late to do a degree and then try break into this competitive career, especially given the huge cost. Added to this, I’m not likely to be staying in one country for more than a couple of years, given my husband’s job, so am likely to be looking for work in places as far a field as Mozambique and Switzerland. So I am not sure what the ID opportunities will be in the future and I may have to set up on my own.
I found out about the reasonably priced Product Design Professional Certificate at NYU that teaches about 6 key courses such as 2D Design Princples and SolidWorks to get the certificate. Does anyone have any experience of this and is it worth anything to anyone if I did try at some point to try to weasel into an internship somewhere (along with a sold portfolio)? Or is it worth swallowing the cost and getting the real degree under my belt to keep all my options open for the future?
Really stuck on this, so any advice much appreciated!