nyu itp, parsons, pratt, sva, hunter

ive applied to the following grad programs

nyu itp
sva computer art
parsons d&t
pratt digital art
and hunter integrated media art.

I found out from pratt unbelievably early thati was accepted - they let me know i was in on jan 31st - whereas the deadline to apply wanst until feb 1… im hoping this is a good sign for the other schools.

Anyway - in which order would you rate these schools? which schools offer the best financial assitance…which schools have the better availability with housing? faculty? any input is appreciated.

choose ITP if you can get in. :smiley:

but why?

i attend parsons (major in Communication design) and just in the past yr the two departments have kind of teamed up/ both DT and CD.

I know that the DT department has great labs and room for you to explore and the head of the department is very open and pushes you (from what i have been told/ and is always looking to elove the department bringning in new talented professional professors/ and new types of class subjects)

in a DT/ CD class now called “geek graffiti” taught by Evan Roth


also in connection with:


many options in these departments:

Parsons doesn’t offer great financial aid. You have to fight for it with the counslors in the financial aid office (alot of this aid is dependent on your income/ family income)

The housing is good they have two brand new dorms both within 10-15mins of school. and all but 2 of the dorms are of walking distance and all are located in areas near the train, art stores, etc.

I am not in the DT department so dont know many of the teachers/ but i know that parsons has a long history of hiring professionals as teachers.

I am unaware of the programs at the other schools you have listed.

hope this helps some.


The focus of their courses like “Geek Grafitti” shows how tied in and aware they are of what’s really going on in the world. Pratt is extremely isolated and old school, if not just plain BAD, design aesthetics. I’m sure you’re a great artist, but it’s more likely they accepted you quickly because your stuff was in early and they want to pay for all of the construction they have going on.

Good luck with whatever you choose. The only wrong choice is to not make one. All of these schools have something to offer.

man, the pratt bashing just continues and continues…
sigh… it’s hard to stay objective with all this negative information…

Pratt…the victim of the swirly.

But there is always something really amazing about swirly victims…no one sees it till they are there though.

I ve just got an admission of DT department in Parsons, but unluckily without any financial aid. it is so hard for international students to get those limited scholarships :frowning: