NYC? where to go

Hallo everybody,

I"m an industrial design student from Germany. I"ll be staying in New York city for 2 weeks. Any advice for places where I can go concerning design stuff. Where do New York Designers go for a beer? Any underground bars?


There is only one! design Muz…
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Fifth Ave and 91st Street.

But. the exibitions are not that good…

There is lots to see in NY for a product designer.

If you are into green design you can go to green drinks nyc or green drinks brooklyn. go to for more info. I know they have an event on April 23…Although you are suppossed to be 21 to drink, I don’t know how old you are.

The previous posting is correct, there is not much in terms of museums for ID. One gallery that comes to mind is fellisimo. What are you into? The MOMA has stuff too…

ps Where do you go to school?