nyc hs senior, near ending college process

i’m most likely going to major in Advertising, so for some schools I’m applying for marketing (they have the nerve to just combine them!)
i got my rejection letter from NYU early thank you very much.
and waiting for response from Babson College and Ithaca.
and cuny baruch (since they have advertising and pretty good) to finish up.
i will probably transfer to another school after freshmen year, and was wondering what recs some of you UGRADS or GRAD students would have about NY (nyc) schools or MA (boston) schools.
i’m even thinking about Johnson & Wales… please help me in my last few decisions~

» Is anyone an advertising major?

i hear pratt has a good communications design program in brooklyn, but im a freshman there and can be easily eluded/?

hey, i dont know if this helps at this point, but my gfriend is at montserrat college of art just north of boston. it doesn’t have a advertising program, but it offers advertising within graphic design, and i hear that’s a popular route for some students. it’s an art school, so the attitute is different than a university, like the ones you mentioned. anyway, here’s more info

you want a great advertising program and a communication design program you should look into Parsons school of Design. I am majoring in that field, but there are many opportunities to get internships and wrk from the school. If you are interested I can giveyou the chairmans name and email-he is very nice and he could answer alot of questions.

good luck-

picking between schools is hard process