NYC Honeymoon, what should we see?

Hey Everyone,

Just figured I’d check in here since I know there are a few people on here local to the area, we fly out tomorrow at 6am staying until Tuesday at 6am. I know we missed design week, but are there any things we must do during our stay? Are there things we shouldn’t bother doing during our stay? Any design/art/music/food/everything else related things that we won’t see on tourist websites but are totally awesome?

I should also add, the first three nights we’re staying around madison square gardens, not quite sure where after that (we’re booking today after the last few things from the wedding clear our checking account and we know what our budget will be like).

Thanks again,


Take her shopping in SoHo. Always some good husband points there.

Go to the top of the Empire State building. I know it sounds cliche, but it is pretty fantastic.

Go to the MoMA and Guggenheim. Stroll through the Central Park while at the Guggenheim.

Go to “The Highline” park. You can grab a stump town coffee at the Ace Hotel while you are over there.

Grab drinks at the rooftop bar at the Gansevoort Hotel.

So much to do…

Take the subway to Canal.

Walk to the museums in the 80s/90s. Take a different route every time, nothing direct. See what needs to be seen.

I would also add the Cooper-Hewitt to yo’s list.

So I’ve gotta ask, what’s your favorite sneaker store in NYC?

Also the highline park looks awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

It looks like Cooper-Hewitt is still closed for renovations. I’ll see what the wife says about the walking tour, I would love it, but I have a feeling I already know her answer :frowning:

First off, congrats!!

Check out “Top of the Rock” over Rokcefeller Center
Stay out of Time Square. If you feel the need to go. just walk through it. There are so many better places to be in NYC
Go to the MET
Broadway show
Bar hop on Bleeker St in the Village
Chelsea Market if you are a foodie
There are so many great restaurants. Let us know what you like and I can recommend.
Try to get out to Brooklyn. Great food and good art scene.


Run around, climb and jump off the awesomely huge rocks that are scattered about Central Park. It’s the number one thing I always do when I visit.

Last time I was there, Emma Watson was dining a few tables over from us at a place called The Smile, in the East Village. For what that’s worth…it was a good dinner regardless. 26 Bond Street.

Ditto on walking the Highline - you get views and architecture treats all the way through. Go earlier rather than later. You can also end up at the Standard Hotel and have swanky drinks there.