NYC (+G)

After the most painful job search of my life, my persistance (aka stubborness) has paid off, and I’m excited to be joining a great team in New York.

Once my visa stuff is sorted I’m going to be moving, but some early research on the property front can’t do any harm eh? Any ideas of nice areas to live? I’m going to be working in the middle of Manhattan, so an easy/short commute to there would be cool, and no doubt I’ll have to just grab a house/flat share. Also, where’s best to check out property online - Craigslist?

Any ideas are appreciated guys, and anything else design wise in NY you can throw down, go for it!

what part of the city are you going to be working in? East side, west side, commuting crosstown can be pretty sucky…There’s great neighborhoods in any direction from midtown.

West Side… not too far from Madison Square Gardens really.

craigslist is a good place to start to get an idea for what rent is like in the various neighborhoods, although the names probably won’t meat that much to you. The neighborhoods have pretty different characters, the Upper west and upper east, tend to be a little quieter, with pockets of bar nightlife. The lower east side, west village, are more energetic, sometimes frenetic. you’re in a pretty central location for work, so transportation won’t be too much of an issue.

Coolio, thanks Brett, much appreciated. I’ll start with Craigslist and work from there.

Anyone else have anything to share?.. don’t be shy!

I live out on Long Island - about a 45 minute train ride from Penn Station (Madison Square Garden). The commute isn’t the worst in the world if you’re like me and get fed up easily with living in the city. (Traffic, noise, crime, super expensive rent). The flip side is you add commute time, have to pay for an LIRR ticket ($200/month) and you’re not living in the city.

Theres so many different areas it’s really hard to give you a clear idea of where to live. What I would say is try and find somewhere in Brooklyn thats a nice area (if you can deal with the hipsters) and then as you get more familiar with the areas you can always pick up and go.

Thanks CD, it seems everyone I’ve asked have said Brooklyn as midtown is ridiculous rentwise. I’ll check Brooklyn out.

Anyone else have anything to say? Any favourite places to hang out, eat , drink… Irish pubs?

I don’t think you can go anywhere in NY without finding a sleezy Irish and some great places to eat. Expect that if you’re in Brooklyn you’ll have a ton of good stuff within walking/riding/subway distance.