NYC Funiture Fair - any good?

Hi - Although I’ve been looking at Core77 and reading the forums for years now I’ve never actually posted anything until now!! I’ve got a question about the New York Furniture fair and thought that I would put it out there to get some advice.

Basically I’m a product designer in the UK and for the past 10 years have been going to the The Milan Furniture Fair for inspiration - What I love about the Milan fair is not actually the official Fair itself (SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE ) but all the smaller designers set ups around the city- especially the “zona tortona” area. - You know, more exciting new ideas/concepts playing with materials and less large expensive square sofas ;o)

This year I was thinking about checking out the New York fair in May instead of Milan but wanted to know from anyone who has been to both how they compare? - Looking online the NYC fair seems to be in one location- are there any other related things happening in the city like in Milan?

To be honest any chance to go to New York is always inspirational so its never going to be a wasted trip but if anyone who has a little more first hand knowledge (that is better than my Google research efforts) that would be much appreciated!!



Salone is very different to ICFF (the New York Fair).
Truth be told, ICFF itself is rather boring. I am pretty sure this also has to do with it being so late in the schedule. All major player have already presented he their new stuff in Cologne, Paris, Stockholm and of course Milan.
It all seems less crazy and hyped and very corporate in my opinion.

Their are off shore events in New York, but it is not so that the whole city breathes and lives design such as at the Salone.
Dumbo in Brooklyn, the Meatpacking District and SoHo have special events but mostly only parties that are next to impossible to get into. I did a project for Vitra in their store last year during ICFF.

New York is always worth a visit of course and if you really want to go, why not during ICFF. Just don’t expect the Salone vibe.

I’d vote for Milan too. ICFF is just too much of the same stuff from the year before. The “garage sale” area was the most interesting last year. The NYC parties can be ok as long you’re willing to wait at really crowded open bars and such.

The scale of the Milan show makes ICFF look downright Lillputian. Last time I was there, Inter had just clinched the Serie A. What a day.

I haven’t been to the Salone but I’ve attended a ton of ICCF shows. I don’t exactly disagree with the criticisms of the other posters, but why not check out ICFF anyway? Then you’ll have a first hand understanding of the differences and similarities between the US/European design scenes. And of course NYC is always a blast.

If you hop over, you might also be interested in Brooklyn Designs, which is not nearly as corporate as ICFF. The only thing is, the two shows don’t run during the same week. Why, i don’t know. It certainly makes it difficult and expensive for those of us who need to travel…


Thanks for to everyone that posted! - it sounds like Milan might be a little newer and potentially more interesting! - although im sure the NYC show has its good points to! I like the look of the Brooklyn show though! - thats a shame they do not run at the same time! Thanks for the link!..

Thanks again for your help!!! If I end up going, i’ll post something on how they compared to me!