NYC for the week

I’m heading to New York next week together with my girlfriend, and I’ve never visited before.

Obviously there are a million resources for this online, but Id like to hear if you have any hidden gems or recommendations, know any current events, or just want to give me some heads up on where not to go.

My list so far is:

  1. go see Book of Mormon
  2. go see Book of Mormon
  3. Brooklyn Botanical & brooklyn in general
  4. MoMa

    No stores on the list so far.
    Any ideas would be appreciated!

The Cooper Hewitt.

I’d stay with a friend who lives in the 80s on the west side. I’d take the train down to Canal and walk a non-direct path back to their place. You will find cool stuff.

What I really miss from my time NYC is the food.

There are lots of good options but I really miss good Ramen.
Ramen is polarizing for aficionados but out of all the Ramens I have had, Ippudo’s ranks among the best.

Do you have a place to stay yet?

Some of my faves:
1_ The Maritime:
2_ The Ace Ace Hotel New York | Boutique Hotel in Midtown Manhattan NYC
3_ The Standard Highline:|cpc|ABZ02-The-Standard-High-Line-Brand|standard%20hotel%20high%20line&gclid=CjwKEAjwwN-rBRD-oMzT6aO_wGwSJABwEIkJ552GTDQarkUREgXKcLonpgGhtZLWerDzkszZRmJgIxoCaCrw_wcB#lp-pom-block-10

Definitely check out the high line.

Brooklyn Bridge park has recently been redone and it’s a nice area to walk around. If you go early on a Sunday you can also do Smorgasburg (just show up early because if it’s a nice day it will pack out quickly). You can walk around Dumbo and then back over the bridge as well if you’re feeling daring.

Ah, lots of great advice!

We got a hotelroom on lower east side. Planned on BnB’ing it in brooklyn, but nothing really matched.

Any good stores I shouldn’t miss out on?
I really appreciate all the input!

Custom google map I made of places to hit. Includes food, shopping, cool places to visit, etc.


Fantastic, thanks Richard!

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I also want to go New York :slight_smile: