NYC Design/travel accommodations

Further to his thread -

Anyone have recommendations for hotels, AirBnBs, design events, etc. for NYC? Haven’t been there in some time.

Looking at possibly going first week of October for the Fastco. Design Event.


Spendy, but I liked the Mondrian, Ennismore | Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife, Events & Catering

Plenty of nice hotels (I like the Ace, Rivington, Hudson, W, Strand, etc.) but was hoping for something less spendy :slight_smile:

Was considering aLOFT Brooklyn?


Do you want just a clean bed? Any particular locations you want to stay?

I’d say if you’re trying to be in Manhattan staying in Brooklyn may be more of a hike than you’d want for a visitor, unless you want to spend time in Brooklyn too.

Yes and no. Normally when I travel I’m pretty spoiled staying in nice design boutique hotels. I find its not so much the room, but a nice place to call home, with a good bar, cool people, food, location etc. that said, I’d rather spend $350 a night than $500 and spend the difference eating well, but don’t want to be in a shit motel 6 which are usually in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve never been to Brooklyn but heard good stuff. I’m in the Toronto equivalent of Williamsburg here (hipster central) and always recommend people stay out my way than financial center if coming to Toronto for good nightlife, eats, etc compared to tourist central. So there’s that.

So I’m open. Don’t mind a bit of subway or walk. I’ve always found NYC pretty walkable. Used to stay at the Hudson, no problem waking about to downtown, LES, etc.

Haven’t been to NYC in about 8 years!

Been looking at some airbnb stuff too. Never tried it but heard good stuff.


The Morgans Hotel is outstanding and has an extremely pleasant rooftop cafe, and the rooms themselves are unexpectedly swank. The Wythe Hotel is a hotspot of Williamsburg, and has an amazing rooftop bar. The Ace Hotel is relentlessly hip and right in the middle of tons of stuff to do; plus it hosts Stumptown Coffee, an oyster bar, and an Opening Ceremony shop so if you’re into hemorrhaging money in diverse ways, it would be a good choice.

Cocktails at “Death&Co.” -

I stayed here last fall - it had design feel and was very central. It was comparatively affordable too. Plus it has a robot in the lobby :wink:

one of my favorite hotels is the Maritime:


I also really like the SoHo Grand:

And the Ace:

I’ve always wanted to stay at the Yotel! Haven’t had an excuse since I live here. I heard it was a capsule hotel but it seems to be much nicer.

Thread bump. Just made reservations for a long weekend mini-vacation mid Nov. Suggestions on design events, food, drinks, shopping welcome. Hotel taken care of.


When I stay at a friend’s place, they are on the upper east side, I’d take the subway to Canal and meander routes back to their place. Different day, different random route. Freshen up for dinner, go out with them as the tour guide.

I like wandering the streets, stopping at a 3-card-monte game, interesting gallery, store or what ever caught my eye. Easier if the weather cooperates. Allows the thrill of a discovery and a pace not hurried by an agenda. There is so much to see, I would be hard pressed to pick any one as a must see.

Walk the High Line, to the beer garden at The Standard.

Being a shoe guy means you pretty much HAVE to voyage to 21 Mercer, right? :unamused:

Off tomorrow. Any recommendations or meet ups welcome.

Bump. Going back to NYC this Friday for a long weekend to run the NYC Half Marathon and do the usual shopping, eating, etc.

Been more than a year since I’ve been in NYC and I know who quick things change and new spots pop up.

Anyone with info on the latest and greatest places to check out, lemme know!



And another bump! Ey, no replies for Richard?! -_-

I’m flying to NYC in about 32 hours, really looking forward to visiting! Second time for me. I’ll be seeing some friends, but if anyone from the boards is up for lunch, coffee or whatevs, get in touch! Add me on facebook.

And do tell me of that one wonderful place in New York you got introduced too and totally took you by surprise. Love yous!