NYC Design Adventure - Suggestions?

Hi All -

I’m one of your humble writers from Core77’s front page. I’m leaving my home base in Boston for a week of adventuring around NYC! I want to know: where should I go? What stores? What museums? What events?

What is design in NYC? What are the coolest buildings?

What do you want to see written up on Core77? If you want me to stop by your firm/store/party - let me know!

BTW Cooper Hewitt is closed for the year, so that idea’s out…

Looking forward to some good suggestions!


a few to get you started:

I just stayed at 60 Thompson a week or so ago, was great. The Ace has been a fantastic place to stay as well and worth it to check out the scene at night there. Near the Highline, another must see.

The High Line

MoMA Talk to Me

Skyscraper Museum

Museum of Art and Design

Kiosk (around the corner from our offices)

Printed Matter

and don’t worry about where to eat – Ray and I have got a long list of suggestions for you!