NY to LA in 20 minutes

Last Tuesday Nasa’s new scamjet x-43a broke world speed records at nearly 10 times the speed of sound. At that speed it takes approx. 20 minutes to go from NYC to LA… uhm, cool. Plus NASA is finally making stuff that looks all futuristic again. They used to contract famous designers like Ratmond Loewey, but recently their stuff has had that out of time over budget look. Good to see they are doing some exciting stuff again.


I read somewhere that despite how people expect it to benefit travelling time, the US government’s primary goal of developing the technology is to create hypersonic ballistic missiles that can be fired from anywhere to everywhere.

yeah i heard everyone in pentagon is wearing a hypersonic belt.

A reduction in the time to engage a target using scramject technology in conjunction with J-UCAS is a part of the Pentagon’s new policy to reshape the U.S. military into a more flexible and responsive force.

"A reduction in the time to engage a target "

i guess that’s supposed to be a military phrase. sounds like you’re on a diet.

Goody, just what the world needs, a longer / faster range to the US military.

Sorry friends, that dog needs a bigass leash on it.

… I justt thought getting to New York in 20 minutes was cool, you guys are downers.

read about and saw the video. forget the time saving. that high-temp material is kick.

No way that you can get NYC to LA in 20 min. The landing procedure will take 20min.

not in a ballistic missile, no need for landing permission with one of them things! Actually, no need for a airport come to think about it?

Well, the missile should have to slow down to make course adjustments before it hits the target. If it’s WMD, I don’t think it matters though.

Taxi from Greenwich to JFK: 40 minutes
Check-in and security: 2 hours 30 minutes
Taxi from gate to runway: 30 minutes
Flight time JFK to LAX: 20 minutes
Circling over Disneyland: 30 minutes
Baggage claim: 40 minutes
Telling your relatives you’ll be home for the holidays…


My record from plane to getting onto a taxi is 25min in Singapore. I don’t suppose they check the lagguages at all.