NY Auto Show 2008 Concept Cars: It's that time of year!

NY Auto Show 2008 Concept Cars:


Audi R8 V12 TDI
Buick Riviera
Cadillac Provoq
Chrysler ecoVoyager
Dodge ZEO
Ford Explorer America
Ford Verve
Honda CR-Z
Honda Pilot
Hummer HX
Jeep Renegade
Land Rover LRX


Audi R8 V12 TDI-----------Need to change the Darth Vader grill!
Buick Riviera---------------Nice!!! very lexuseque.
Cadillac Provoq------------They need to vamp up their style already!
Chrysler ecoVoyager------The front looks too small/not safe?
Dodge ZEO----------------Looks like it’s from the '90’s
Ford Explorer America-----Nice!!! good aesthetics.
Ford Verve-----------------Ehh!
Honda CR-Z---------------Come on! How am I suppose to get in that?
Honda Pilot----------------It will flop if it’s not a hybrid!
Hummer HX---------------What’s new about it?
Jeep Renegade-----------Kermit the frog!
Land Rover LRX-----------Nice!!! fresh sleek look.


R8 still looks bad ass to me. I’ve hear the huge front vents are purpose built for cooling the engine.

The Rover is starting to look like a Murano though.


The Rover is starting to look like a Murano though.[/quote]

good call/observation.

come to think of it, the top looks like the old Saab concept car about five years ago or more.

It looks good but they need to incorporate a little more of the Rover feel to the front other than the word emblem on top of the hood.

I have to check out the show this year! I’m a big Audi fan, but they need a second round efforts to make their grill to compete w/ the likes of BMW and Mercedes. As of now, it looks like the Audi designers got inspirations from Sears AC units.