NX3 with NX Shape Studio, CAID of the future?

This week NX3 will be released.

Will this be the CAID (computer aided industrial design) - package of the future?

What is the advantage and disadvantage when native surface programs such as Alias Studio Tools/Autostudio, ICEM surfe and Rhino3D is throwed out to be replaced with CAD packages with Styling/Industrial-Design modules.

What´s your experience?


I am a mechanical design engineer, so the advantage of UG as one solutions is that I can transfer my model from application to application within UG seamless.

Alias is a different tihing. In Alias you can make sketch and transfer your curves for 3D surfacing. In UG you put scanned or digital sketch into the 3D space and start surfacing.

I have very good experience with NX1…2…3 it is soooo intuitive so I never need a tutorial for that.

ProE has bad UI and Catia has performance problems in handling VERY LARGE Assemblies.

How NX will be accepted, it depends on how their price strategy are. If everybody use Alias, RHino since they cost less then the 12k (and more) UG, then only big companies can afford UG.
It the basic designer package can be around 5k-6k maybe then they will have great acceptance. Solidworks cost also around 6k.