NX / Siemens

I need a CAD engineer who can use NX.

And I want a toilet made of solid gold.

I’m looking for an engineering consultant or a design/eng. consultancy that has NX expertise.

Hi Larry,

The company I work for, Sherpa Design, is a mechanical engineering and industrial design consultancy with NX expertise. We are partnered with Applied CAX, a Siemens NX reseller and provide custom design, engineering, and training services to customers across the country using Siemens NX. Take a look at our website for an idea of what we do: http://sherpa-design.com/

I’ll follow up with you via private message with my contact information.

Im more known for solidworks and Creo but I have 300 hrs on NX. A VAR in Los Angeles sells NX and they have a hand full of Mechanical Engineers doing projects as well in NX. The Var is Saratech.

Two places to star are the core77 design firm directory and coroflot.


This is a forum for industrial designers, so their won’t be many CAD Engineers hanging out in here. We also don’t post jobs here. That is done on our sister site coroflot which pays the bills for these forums. Thanks.