NW materials show

Anyone here going?

i should be there on tuesday, will be in Portland the previous weekend as well.

I’ll be there Tuesday.

Man, did you get a new travel budget along with the office? sheesh…Your never gonna get time for that lawn

not much other responses… i know nike and adidas have their own days, but maybe can arrange to have a meet.

not a new budget, just actually HAVE a budget this year!


I’ll be at the show most of the day on tuesday. I’ll e-mail you my contact info.


sounds good.
will you be back in LA after that? Ill be there on the 17th and 18th… first time out there.

I’lll be in Orange County but, I can give you a list of retail places to check out.

ok, ill talk to you about it at the show hopefully.

So i never got to meet up with GURU last season, but is anyone going this time? march 16-17 portland.