NVart 5: Accelerate

Accelerate: Images of Future Transport: in the Style of Syd Mead
I thought some people on here might appreciate this. These images were produced for a contest run by the CGSociety and NVIDIA.

Contest Winners:

First Place

Crono Viper by Arnoldas Vitkus

Second Place

TS. 2580 by Anthony Scime

Third Place

NASTRA015 by Pavel Mikhailenko

Forth Place

Black Cucumber by Roman Mrazek

Fifth Place

Arrival by Dmytro Zyubyairov

Honorable Mentions:

I feel like the Honorable Mentions were more in Syd Mead’s style.

So, there was ABSOLUTELY no consideration for the end-user?

Don’t get me wrong, these are incredible renderings and hats off to the designers.

Maybe this should have been posted in the off topic section? But this was a contest about creating beautiful imagery based on the style of Syd Mead.

There are some extremely talented CG artists out there. A lot of the people doing these contests are concept artists for the movie and entertainment fields.

As far as the designs go. I think it is neat to see what people can come up with. Sure, in no way are they functional, but they are still cool designs to look at.

I just went through and reread the judge’s comments. It’s nice to see that Syd Mead was a judge for this contest and to see some of the comments he made.

Yeah that’s why I’m surprised at some of the winners. Really. The painting style of the ones I highlighted are way more Syd Mead than any of the others.

And 6ix: Ever heard of a field called Entertainment Design or Concept Art? They’re the guys who design all the stuff for movies and games. The consideration for the end-user is quite different in these fields. Some of them (not all) are: the viewer has to be able to recognize the shape in a few seconds and be able to guess roughly what it is (i.e. fight scenes in Star Trek in space, you gotta be able to tell the ships flying around are ships), so the silhouettes of the forms need to be unique. Color, contrast, aesthetics.

sweet! Thanks for sharing!

wa!!!very good

Is it just me, or is there some James Dyson influence going on in the first three?

I guess if nothing else, I’ll know I am in the future once everything around me has hubless wheels.