anyone catch this show? Friday’s episode interesting. not just way engineering/physics concepts explained (like “CSI”). but also imagery mix w graphics. very “Pi” like feel. cant place interactive graphics overlays. similar to… crap. forget name. did intro to “Se7en”. phfffft. it’s Boston Legal balconey scene time. stupid Oprah special. cant think without my BL fix.

…the mix of right brain material with left brain visuals is something most ids can relate to…

SE7EN: Kyle Cooper (dir, des) & Jenny Shainin (des)

We actually looked at that intro in our Commercial Graphics course. No idea what the rest of your post is talking about, but I use VR6ix as my alias for the VW boards (play on VR6, six, you get it…)

knew it began w “C”. kept thinking Canson. Canson.

you’ve not seen “Pi”?

[edit - tiny trailer ]

Nope, no Pi for me… yet. I am easily disapointed by Hollywood and tend to forget to go rent the few movies that look intriguing to me. Pi was on the list but I forgot about it :blush:

What TV show are you talking about? What channel? I don’t watch TV regularly so I miss the ocasional good show.

Oh, and what were you drinking? :mrgreen:

blast, pretend I was logged-in for that one above :unamused:

only seen two episodes. and only bc Ridley Scott involved. have to believe the “Pi” aesthetic is deliberate.

Pi was not a Hollywood movie.