Nullsoft/Winamp RIP(?)

Winamp is dead. Shoutcast too i guess. but has anybody tried WASTE? i have a use for that i think.

Slash dot has interesting thread on Nullsoft. holdouts claiming they’re still alive. whatever. but some nice links in the thread. including these

Quintessential player -
Zinf Audio Player -

but best part was a post on Nullsoft founder’s new effort, the Jesusonic fully programmable effects processor

looks about ready for some ID input. but keep the crucifix!

Wow…that is an end of an era. Winamp is dead…long live iTunes?

Thinking of shareware/freeware, I was surprised that Mozilla’s launch of Firefox was reasonably well publicized last week…although who knows how many people will download another browser when I-Exploiter comes with all Windows releases.

The CrusFX is a very exciting product…it reminds me of images of home built Cartivisions I looked up on the net last week, and other early computers…good to see home technology innovation lives on.