Now this is retro

So often, retro design stops when it hits functionality. Leave it to the Italians to keep the sliding cloth roof of the original 500 for the new 500 convertible. I really dig this:

That’s nice. The roof totally makes it. I’d totally drive that. Smart interior too. With red fabric!? Hotness.

yeah that is sick.


fiat is on a roll.

Love the back end, love the interior, love the high performance versions. Not sold ont he front end which is a bit guppy-ish to me.

It’s a stunningly small car that is very well thought out.
It has great proportions, and actually seems roomy inside. Great layout, interesting graphics, and good controls make it a desirable car to drive.
The textures the materials and colors are truly fetching. I thought the car had
a soft IP at one point, but upon getting in the car I realized it was moulded plastic. NOt glossy, not cheap, just good manufacturing, nice grain and well managed part lines.
I admire their honesty and bravity for committing to such a great interpretation
of a not so great car.
I think it would be quite a hoot to drive.
Give them Abarth, and they will RUN to the car.


The only negative I see on the convertible is that it looks like you lose all rearward visibility with the top in the way. Of course, it wouldn’t be Italian without some problem, would it?

That’s very nice! I wonder if it flaps in the wind and makes noise though?

looks nice, but too tab in real life, things like the interior material and fit/finish quality will be pretty cheap and plasticky…

I was a huge fan of the new mini when it first came out 6(?) years ago… even was signed up for a waiting list to be on a waiting list… when it did come out though, I was a bit underwhelmed with the interior quality. It did drive great, but was all plastic inside…

This looks the same.

It’s unfortunate, but stuff like this where the design is great, but materials not really get to me.


that car would be extrememly popular in california.

Wow! Sharp little car, but I can relate to your reservations about the build quality. I felt exactly the same about the Mini.

I wonder if it flaps in the wind and makes noise though?

Possibly, going down hill with a tail wind … … . :wink: